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Our team, at Gosnishti Auditors and Partners, is a composition of different professionals
with local and international knowledge and experience. Our common slogan is to provide assurance in sustainable development to all our clients. Below you may meet our key staff:

Luan Gosnishti, CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
As one of the main founders of Gosnishti Auditors and Partners, Mr. Luan Gosnishti, has a life time experience in accounting, internal and external auditing and tax advisory in Albania. He has worked as chief finance officer for more than 20 years in public sector companies. In the beginning of 90’s he started working as a private accountant up to the early 2000’s when he successfully earned the CPA title. Now he is part of Albanian Institute of Certified Accountants and also a member of the quality control board of this institute. Mr. Luan Gosnishti is well known in Albania for his deep knowledge in fiscal laws.

Mateo Gosnishti, CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

Mr. Mateo Gosnishti is one of the founders and managing partners of Gosnishti Auditors and partners. He has graduated in Accounting and holds a master degree in Advanced Accounting from the University of Tirana. He started working as an accountant in a commercial center in Tirana where in a short time he earned the position of CFO. Later on, Mr. Mateo Gosnishti joined one of Albania’s most well known auditing companies, ALB BB Auditing, in which he held the position of senior auditor. Throughout this period, he has also focused in management accounting and NGO auditing, as well as in developing his academic experience as a lecturer of Auditing at Aleksander Moisiu University, in Durres.

Elvis Gosnishti (Legal Adviser)
Mr. Elvis Gosnishti, graduated in Civil Law at the University of Tirana, is a licensed lawyer in Albania. Mr. Elvis Gosnishti has worked in the Municipality of Durres and later on, he began working as a private legal consultant representing different clients. During this period he extended his knowledge in Commercial and Trade Law.


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