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Our commitment to delivering high-quality assurance services is at the heart of what we do. We provide comprehensive audit and assurance services designed to deliver real value and underpin investor confidence.

Global risk in the transformation age. Companies are reconsidering their risk thinking and approaches, but they’re also transforming to align with changing market imperatives—and in the process, exposing themselves to multi-directional risks. In light of recent developments in the global market, Gosnishti Auditors and Partners consider South Eastern European countries as the future nest of doing business in Europe. With endless possibilities, however, these countries are subject to numerous legislative changes. Being based in Albania, Gosnishti Auditors and Partners offers detailed insight and ongoing updates on the country’s legislative transformations. We invite you to explore the many ways Gosnishti Auditors and Partners’ professionals can help you.


1-      Audit Services

Although during these years our CPAs have mainly performed statutory audit, our attention has always been focused on a risk based audit. Through such methodology, we offer a value added audit where company decision makers are presented with the actual situation of their company and also with a report of possible risks. The philosophy behind our methodology in an audit engagement aims at meeting the “value for money” condition – meeting the 3 conditions of a transaction: Economic, Efficient, effective.

In light of the above, we provide our clients with professional advice on their controlling and accounting systems all year around. We work closely with our clients’ operations, their industry and the issues they face, and this enables us to provide them with relevant advice. The combination of our specialist skills, industry expertise and ongoing investment allows us to anticipate complex business problems for our clients and recommend preventative action.

Our main service offerings include:

–          Statutory & international audit

–          Financial reporting

–          Review of accounting systems and internal controls

–          Accounting consultation


2-      Financial Consulting
The diversified and complex knowledge and skills of our team allows us to offer our clients a full package of financial consulting starting from day by day consulting up to special project design and implementation. The value of a business is a theoretical discussion until you have real money behind the numbers. We specialize in services, which are aimed at maximizing the value of your business. We help to create solutions that cover all aspects related to a transaction, including tax and legal matters, financial reporting, business performance improvement opportunities, issues related to human capital and change management. Two of our main services of financial consulting are:
2.1-      New financing consultancy
New financing need may come from many circumstances starting from working capital needs up to business extension. Likewise there are many ways and options for such financing. Finding and implementing the best solution is a complex task, which require experience and relationships within the investors and banking community. But it is crucial to secure long-term success of your business.

We believe that our experience and contacts provide a very valuable resource for our clients to achieve the best combination of new financial resources within a short timescale. We assist our clients at every stage of a financing process:

We are not tied to any provider of finance and will advise on the most appropriate form of financing for each project. We provide assistance during all the transaction process:

Starting from business plan and/or due diligence process, continuing with value analysis and assistance in financing negotiations, and ending with post-completion support and advice.


3-      Accounting and Tax Services

Our accounting and tax services cover every aspect of such services in Albania. Our team will offer you high quality book-keeping; payroll; accounting; tax consultancy and tax accounting; national and international standards implementation (NAS & IFRS); monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting for tax and decision making issues.

Our tax specialist will work closely to you to identify and manage all possible risk deriving from our tax legislation and we will meanwhile consult and offer you a tailor made tax service to avoid double taxation or inappropriate tax payments.


4-      Legal Consultancy

Our legal consultancy service is mainly focused on trade and commercial laws. We stand by our clients advising them in every stage when it comes to signing a new contract with a supplier/client, hiring a new employer, purchasing a new asset etc.

You only have to tell as your case and we will take care of the rest for finding out the best solution for your sustainable business development.


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